AOBiome - Rise of Hygeine, Rise of Inflammation

Rise of Hygeine, Rise of Inflammation.

Conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea, and peanut allergies are not evolutionary in nature, but rather recent additions to the health lexicon. Children now sit at peanut free tables at school, a phenomenon unfamiliar to lunchrooms of previous generations. Even more troubling is the recent rise of Alpha-gal, an allergic reaction to meat. Human's have consumed meat for an estimated 5 million years. We have introduced chemistry that we really did not know much about to an organ (the human microbiome) we did not acknowledge existed until 15 years ago - As Dr. Larry Weiss, AOBiome's Chief Medical Officer once quipped "What could possibly go wrong with that…" Over the past 150 years society has developed more and more sophisticated hygiene and anti-bacterial technology. With each invention, we move toward a more sterile environment and ever increasing evidence of non-evolutionary inflammation. The inflammatory response is the most tissue destructive system we have identified to date.

Studies have shown that reducing the diversity and composition of the microbiome has impact on health and our inflammatory system's ability to appropriately react to self vs. non-self and that living close to nature and without modern chemistry leads to a significant reduction of inflammatory conditions.

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